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Helping Families of Children with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
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About PEAL

Board of Directors

Pina Rahill

Pina Rahill

Pina Rahill has five children, including a son with a rare genetic disorder and a daughter with Down syndrome. She brings to the panel a passion for inclusive education for all children in Pennsylvania. Her interest in storytelling and her experience with implementing change across organizations helps her approach her work in a systematic way, focused on building collaborative relationships.

Pina served on the Gaskin v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Advisory Panel, a panel created to guide progress in increasing the number of children with disabilities educated alongside typical peers.

Professionally, Pina is a freelance writer, communications consultant and IT professional. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, overseeing process and systems development and support initiatives, facilitating enterprise-wide planning, and helping clients develop messaging to effectively communicate with stakeholders.