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Helping Families of Children with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
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Help Topics

Transition to Adulthood

F2F Youth Leaders and Allies

Josie Badger, PEAL Youth Coordinator and Joan Badger, Adult Ally and former PEAL F2F Coordinator, discuss the value of youth leadership development for young adults with disabilities. Their perspectives are reflective of their real life experiences.

Transition to Adult Health Care Videos

A set of resources to help you understand transition to adult health care.

  • Self-Determination
  • Moving from Pediatric to Adult Providers
  • Individualized Health Plans
  • Health Insurance & Service Eligibility (18-21)
  • Medical Assistance and Operations Memo
  • Pennsylvania Post Secondary Surveys
    Parents and Students:

    The Pennsylvania Post Secondary Survey is a great way for exiting students with an IEP to give DIRECT feedback on their experience in school. Watch this wonderful video that explains the importance:

    School Professionals:

    It is essential that these survey's reach students who are typically underrepresented. The resources below summarize strategies recommended by youth and their families for reaching youth who are routinely underrepresented in the post-school survey data:

    Managed Care Operations Memorandum

    Waiver Program Information

    Disability and Transition Youth White Papers