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Tammi Morton

Tammi Morton, Project MAX Coordinator (West)
Tammi Morton is a graduate of Allegheny College. She has a MA in Education, where she focused on developing a curriculum for adults with intellectual disabilities. She began her career working with a variety of children as a therapeutic staff support (TSS) for Northwestern Human Services. Her experience prompted Tammi to write about Autism and intellectual disabilities. She is the author of two books about the Autism spectrum and wrote with Dr. Mark Dombeck for Tammi is a parent of a child who has a disability. Her work experience runs the gamut from Early Intervention to adult habilitation. Tammi places high value on listening to others, understanding their needs, and respecting their learning styles. She strives to make meaningful connections. As Project MAX Coordinator (West) at the PEAL Center, Tammi hopes to instill the belief that every student has the capacity to learn.