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Online Trainings

Online Miniseries Training Course

We are pleased to offer you FREE access to our two-part online learning course: Beginning With the End in Mind

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​Module One: Developing a Strong IEP

This course will give you a better understanding of the Individual Education Program (IEP). You will learn about the components of an IEP, how to use the IEP to get an appropriate education, and a parent's role in developing the IEP.

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​Module Two: Making Inclusive Education a Reality

This course will provide parents with the tools necessary to work collaboratively with school teams. Questions that will be answered include, "How can I work with my school district to develop education services for my child that are based on high expectations and prepare my child for a productive life?" and, "How can we build a school team committed to classrooms where all students participate in learning?"

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These courses are suitable for parents, students and professionals.

You will be able to stop and start the courses as many times as you would like. If you leave and then return you will be prompted to return to the place where you left off.

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of each module, you will be asked to complete a brief survey. The PEAL Center is a non-profit, grant-funded organization. In order for us to continue producing high-quality learning materials, it is necessary to collect some data to assure that the materials are being used. In addition, the comments that you provide will help us to continue fine-tuning the course. Please take the time to complete this survey!

Lunch & Learn 2015


Addressing Social Skills through High-Quality Goals: Powerpoint

Brief Glossary of Special Education Terms: Handout

Social Skills and Academic Achievement: Handout

Measurable Annual Goals and Progress Monitoring: Powerpoint
Measurable Annual Goals and Proress Monitoring: Handout

Education Trainings
  • How to do your own Functional Behavior Assessment
    (Requires registration)
  • Paula Kluth: Don't We Already Do Inclusion?
    Are you trying to grow the inclusive schooling model in your community? Do you feel like you have tried everything to create change in your school? Do you want to "sharpen the saw" and become reenergized as an advocate or educator? If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, this webinar is for you!
    (Requires registration)
  • Middle School Inclusion Series
    A series of solution-oriented workshops that examined issues confronting parents and educators as students move from elementary school to middle school. Simultaneous video/audio-conferencing. Participants were able to join in the discussion from their homes.
From Vision to Action: Moving Toward Inclusive Practices for All Children
  • Least Dangerous Assumption
    As part of the "From Vision to Action: Moving Toward Inclusive Practices for All Children" series, this webinar is about the concept of presuming students competence based on the least dangerous assumption philosophy.
  • What Do I Do Monday Morning?
    Part of the "From Vision to Action: Moving Toward Inclusive Practices for All Children" series with Cheryl M. Jorgensen Ph.D.
Healthcare Trainings