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Who Does the PEAL Center Help?

Pennsylvania families who have children with disabilities and/or special health care needs from birth to age 26 (e.g., early intervention, transition to school-age, and  elementary through high school). PEAL also guides and educates self-advocates and youth on transitioning to adulthood (e.g., college, employment, independent living, vocational rehabilitation, etc.).

What Can Families and Self-Advocates Expect
From the PEAL Center?

PEAL, Pennsylvania’s Statewide Parent Training and Information Center, gives families and self-advocates safe and confidential support to help you through any situation. PEAL is an organization of parents of children with disabilities and/or special health care needs who bring knowledge and experience as a resource for education and special health care information and resources in Pennsylvania.

What Types of Services Are Available
to Families and Self-Advocates and What Are the Costs?

PEAL helps families and self-advocates see new possibilities through knowledge about special education and advocacy, as well as leadership development. PEAL’s services are available at no cost to families, in both English and Spanish. These services include:

  1. Connection to trained parent and youth advisors who provide individualized assistance, support and resources by phone, email or in-person. Support is available in English and Spanish
  2. Workshops and trainings across Pennsylvania on important topics for families, self-advocates, educators and professionals
  3. Online training and resources on a variety of topics
  4. Conferences on inclusive practices in education, health care, policy, support, services and more
  5. An online calendar of disability-related events in Pennsylvania
  6. Parent leadership courses and networking for families of children with disabilities and/or special health care needs

And so much more!

What Types of Disabilities and What Ages
Does PEAL Support?

PEAL serves families of children with all kinds of disabilities, whether they are physical, learning, emotional, cognitive, sensory, etc. The disability can be mild to significant; our services are not limited to one disability category. PEAL has the expertise to support families throughout their child’s life journey, serving families with babies (birth), school-age children and young adults (to age 26), as well as advising and supporting self-advocates and youth-related transitioning to adulthood (college, employment, independent living, vocational rehabilitation, etc.).

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