PEAL Inclusion Awards 2019

This event is an opportunity to recognize the work of deserving people and organizations who have contributed to building inclusive schools and communities where all children, teens and young adults lead rich active, person-centered lives.
We are seeking nominations of individuals or organizations that promote inclusion of people with disabilities and special health care needs in various arenas.

Categories of nominees:

1. Education: Administrator, teacher, or other school personnel who actively
promotes inclusive education for all
2. Employment: Employers who provide inclusive competitive employment
opportunities for people with disabilities (particularly businesses that have engaged
students and young adults up to age 26 in transition)
3. Community Accessibility: Individual who promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment in all areas of community life for people with disabilities and their families
4. Arts & Recreation: Organizations who demonstrate a commitment to inclusive
participation of all children, teens, and young adults in activities and events
5. Youth Leadership: A young person, ages 18-26, who demonstrates leadership for inclusion

Nominations are due by August 1, 2019